The Enemy's Attack!

                The Lord's Deliverance!

Declaring the Wondrous Works of the Lord: His faithfulness, His power, His love toward us!

Psalm 45:17
"I will make Your name to be remembered in all generations;
Therefore, the people shall praise You forever and ever."

Miracles Still Happen:

At 2 years old, my son Cristian, experienced trauma in our home. His younger 1 month old sister stopped eating and would scream all day. She couldn't be consoled, didn't want to be held, bounced in a chair or rocked in a swing. Cristian didn't have to adjust to sharing mommy 50/50, but more like 80/20 as we fought for her survival. He, being only a toddler, didn't have the coping skills to manage continual screaming in the background throughout his entire day. He couldn't get away from it! We had no other family in town. Being only 2 years old, Cristian had mommy and baby sister. He didn't have a choice of leaving this environment. This continued for 5 months straight…. every day, all day!

Cristian found his own outlet. He would take a car or truck, set it on the dining table and quietly watch the wheels roll back and forth. When I say quietly…. he made no sound! We quickly realized, our son stopped talking! He only had a handful of vocabulary when he turned 2 years old, but he went silent for 2 months. As I dealt with the medical issues of my daughter, I now had to find a way to help my son as well. I prayed. The pediatrician recommended that he be evaluated by the state due to developmental delays. He wasn't speaking and it was affecting any socialization. He didn't want to try to talk again and when he did, he sounded like a deaf, mute child. No one seemed to understand him except me and his father. Behaviors began. He would get frustrated when trying to communicate any needs, wants or dislikes. Obedience and teaching him seemed impossible as we weren't sure what he comprehended.

I began taking Cristian to a state funded program for toddlers. We worked on communication, socialization and behavior. This program was for the "developmentally delayed". I didn't like the term! I struggled with this. I want to help my son, yet the Lord showed me long before this:

Proverbs 18:21
"Death and life are in the power of the tongue;
those who love it will eat it's fruit."

I began my fight of faith! The Lord tells us that all of our words bring either death or life. Even though attempting to get help for your child seems good…. God's ways are higher than ours! (Isaiah 55:9) I refused to agree with the education authorities that wanted to label my child! They spoke of "developmental delay" and seeing "autism" behaviors. As the brothers and sisters in the Bible would lay hands on their children and speak blessings… I began to do the same. I speak blessings upon my children every day and have never stopped! The fruit is showing now! I encourage parents to practice this because God's Word is True! Whatever you speak, you will get! The Lord spoke the earth and all of creation into existence! You were made in His image…. and you too, can "speak" life into your circumstances! God made you to bring life, so beware of the world's influence to speak death…. you will get that too! So, I declared:

Mark 11:24
"Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you've received it;
and it will be yours."

I began to pray, and declared that Cristian would prosper spiritually, verbally, cognitively, socially, emotionally and academically. I also declared that he would require no extra assistance in school and would be top of his class academically and socially! Every day after that first prayer, I thanked the Lord that Cristian is prospering in all of these areas…. SPEAKING as if it were done, just as scripture requires to "believe". You see, God told me when Cristian was born, that he would be a mouthpiece for the Lord! So, I knew this battle was of the enemy and I wasn't surprised that Cristian's speech was the point of attack! The Lord had already provided the Truth in His Word to fight this battle! I heard the Lord tell me to sharpen Cristian's sword. I immediately began teaching my son scripture, the spiritual sword! He couldn't speak at first, so I made up sign language to the words. Cristian began quietly memorizing scripture through motions. Soon, Cristian may not have been able to hold a conversation with you, but if you asked him what John 3:16 was, he would verbally recite it! Glory to God!

As Cristian continued these development classes, he then went to state funded pre-school at ages 3 and 4. Again, I had to sit down with the school authorities to discuss an educational plan. Every time this occurred, I was faced with the same attack…. they would tell me, "We see these behaviors that coincide with autism, along with speech. If you would like to test him, we can prove that to the state and provide more free educational resources to help him." I refused to allow the label. As a mom, I want to give my son all that can help him, but the world wanted to speak death over him in order to provide help. I knew, spiritually, this would harm my son. Cristian needed the help of the Lord, not the world's death speaking ways! Again, God's ways are higher than ours. I continued to speak blessings and declare Cristian's verbal, academic and social prosperity every single day (and still do:)! As the Lord heard my heart's cry over and over… about this time, I noticed the Lord restoring Cristian's speech. It was more recognizable. And I finally heard my son say, "I love you" for the first time! I cried. The Lord was encouraging me to continue trusting HIM and His Word! Jesus will provide breakthrough!

Kindergarten wasn't much different. They also provided some basic assistance, but were pushing to test and label my son…. I refused. I would come home upset, angry and frustrated! I couldn't understand at first, if a child needed a little extra help, or someone to allow him to express his answers in a different format, or to think outside the "standardized testing" box, he had to be labeled to receive that help. I know now, the schools do it for legal reasons and to justify additional employees to come in to help…. I still didn't like it! We switched school systems as Cristian began 1st grade. Once again, at the start of the school year, they required me to come in for an educational meeting to adjust an educational plan for my son. Again, the push for testing and labeling. As I refused the label, they tried to encourage me that no one will know, or refer to your child by it… it's simply a document so he can have the most number of resources. I'd been praying for my son 4 years…. always declaring his success at needing no extra assistance in school. I cried out to the Lord yet again and asked why do I have to fight this battle for so long? When will he have breakthrough?

Then, the Lord gently rebuked me. He reminded me of the scripture that I've spoken and declared these past 4 years, in Mark 11:24 (above). The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and told me I had spoken the blessings and prosperity Cristian needs, but my behavior hasn't shown belief. I continue to go to these meetings with the educational system of the world. You either trust in the Lord or you don't. This battle was the Lord's and He needed me to step out of the way and let Him perform what only He can! I repented!!

I wrote a nice letter to the elementary school team, telling them that I appreciate everything they've done to assist my son's education and development. I shared that they may not understand, but our family is Christian and we believe in the power of the tongue. We will not run testing or curse our child with a label. If they cannot help our son without testing and a label, then we politely refuse all special education and/or any other services. I explained that they wouldn't ever know that a few years earlier, Cristian sounded deaf, mute… but the Lord prospered him! I quoted the prayers that I've prayed, as well as Mark 11:24 and let them know that my son, Cristian will prosper… not at their hand or mine, but by the power of the Lord God Almighty!

The moment I gave the letter to the school… FREEDOM! PEACE! I finally trusted my son completely into the hands of the Lord! 1st grade was the first year Cristian had no extra help in school. And his performance in school took off! He's always been smart, but not always able to express himself, or answer in a way that would get a "good grade". Not anymore! God is faithful to answer prayer, He is faithful to deliver! My son's 1st grade year was the best ever. He made great friends and prospered socially. His reading skills are above the school average and high above the national average for his age/grade! There is no sign of autism or behaviors! And PRAISE GOD, Cristian came home at the end of 1st grade with a certificate. It read, "HONOR ROLL"! God not only healed and restored my son's speech, God prospered his academics and social skills…. Cristian was at the top of his class academically, straight A's, with NO extra assistance! Exactly what I prayed for!

Beloved of God! This faithful God and HIS Word is for YOU! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is still performing miracles and transforming lives today, just like the story above ….. and He'll do it for you too! Be Encouraged!

c 2016 Jenny Aguilar
Sons & Daughters of the King, International